Study hiragana and katakana with Kuma Sensei’s new flashcard web app!


It’s been ages since I’ve added any major content to Kuma Sensei, so first, apologies for the dearth of fresh, new stuff. Life is really good at keeping me busy — you know how it goes. But rest assured, I haven’t just been sitting around stuffing my face with Oreos and binging on Netflix (although I am finally getting into HBO’s The Wire, and man, is it good).

Indeed, one of the things I’ve been doing lately is learning how to program web applications, and I recently created a cool flashcard app that lets you study hiragana and katakana. It’s nothing special, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Here’s a (small) list of the things you can do with the app:

  • Toggle between hiragana and katakana
  • Toggle between Japanese and English modes (a => あ or あ => a)
  • Study simple characters (like あ and ヨ) as well as more complex ones, like voiced/nonvoiced characters (ゴ, ぴ, etc.) and digraphs (じょ, ギュ, etc.)
  • Study random characters endlessly using the “free quiz” mode, or…
  • Challenge yourself with the “scored quiz” mode, which keeps track of how many correct answers you’ve gotten
    • You can take the scored quiz using any combination of the above settings.
    • The most amount of characters you can study in a single scored quiz is 102 (using the “all characters” setting)
    • All other buttons are locked upon entering scored quiz mode

Tip: You can continue to the next character by clicking anywhere on the character cards. You can also just click “new character.”


Features I’d like to add:
  • Audio for each card by a native Japanese speaker (sound can be toggled on and off)
  • A way to mix hiragana and katakana to study together (right now you have to choose one or the other)

If there’s anything else you’d like to see in the app, or if you come across any weird bugs or glitches, please drop me a line here! I’m still a beginner at this programming stuff, so I’d love to get some more practice by adding more features. In the meantime, I’m going to continue working on making sure it displays properly on all devices and browsers.

If you missed the link above, here it is again. Enjoy!

Click here to study using the flashcard web app.


More new content is on the way! Stay tuned!